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Carol Dewberry - Tulsa, OK

My husband and I have been working with Debbie Zoller of Zoller Designs and Antiques, Inc. for approximately a year to create an interior environment in our new home that is both beautiful and reflective of our family’s personality. Having worked with designers previously, we were most anxious that we receive the professional assistance that we needed, but not finish the process with our home feeling as if it belonged to the designer rather than the Dewberry’s. In Debbie, we have found that perfect combination. She has wonderfully creative ideas, while remaining sensitive to both our special treasured items and our idiosyncrasies of taste. The areas of our home with which Debbie has assisted to date are more beautiful than we imagined they could be. The overall flow from room to room is very engaging, and her attention to detail has created areas of interest by which both we and our guests are delighted. It is truly a pleasure working with Debbie. We are looking forward to the challenges each new room offers, confident that with her guidance we will continue to enhance the effect we have already begun to create. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to recommend Debbie’s work. I would anticipate only outstanding results for any project in which she is involved!”

Ken and Joan Bales
“The transformation of our home is truly exceptional. The change from the typical 70’s ranch style house to the more modern and updated style is better than words can describe. Debbie and her entire staff were very creative and helpful. Zoller Designs is simply the best!”
Stephen and Diane Tuttle
“My husband and I recently completed the construction of our new home in the south Tulsa development of Rockhurst. During the early days of construction we interviewed several Interior Designers, curious as to how they worked, their fee structure and to review some of their completed projects. We had seen some of Debbie’s work when we toured some of the homes she and her associates had done for one of the local home show’s. After the interview process we retained the services of Zoller Designs and Antiques to assist us with not only the selecting of the furnishing’s and accessories for our home, but to help us make decisions during the construction process regarding such issues as brick, paint, cabinet designs, etc.. From start to finish, we were very pleased with our decision to use Zoller Designs. Both Debbie and her associate Jessica, worked very hard to come up with recommendations that fit our tastes and budget. When we needed decisions made immediately so as not to slow down the construction, they both worked very hard to make sure they were available both on the jobsite, or in their office. We were very pleased with their services and would recommend them, without hesitation, to any client who wanted a dedicated team of professional’s to assist them with the myriad of decisions involved with building and decorating your home.”
Jeff La Rue, Owner
La Rue Homes, Inc.
 “We have had the pleasure of working with Debbie and her knowledgeable staff for several years now in our business of home remodeling. We work along side many design professionals and find Debbie to be distinctively creative and talented, as well as reliable. Whether you desire to improve one room or your entire home we would highly recommend Zoller Designs and Antiques, Inc. for your next project.”
William N. Moyers, Sr.

“My wife and I first met Interior Designer, Debbie Zoller and assistant, Jessica Mitchell, back in the spring of 2001, when visiting the 15th street store and viewing some home furnishing pieces that were for sale from the “Harrod’s Collection”. Little did we know that this visit would become the foundation for a truly wonderful and lasting friendship. As an Art Director/Graphic Designer, working for a firm that specializes in retail furniture advertising the world over, I was highly impressed with the “finished room” photographs that we were shown that day, as well as the design work that Debbie and her staff were to execute in “Showcase Homes” in subsequent years. I was drawn to the dramatic aesthetics of elegance, flow and intimacy that each of the “Zoller Rooms” seemed to carry… each charming in their own right (in their own unique and special way). Given Debbie’s experience and reputation, I must admit that I was a little reluctant when we first approached her about helping us with our home, since we had already made inquiries to a couple of other local designers and had been “snubbed” due to budget restraints, home condition and location and a lack of square footage. Debbie put our minds a ease and assured us that there was no job too big, or too small for Zoller Designs and Antiques to undertake. (Believe me when I say, that Debbie has demonstrated, above and beyond, that she meant every word of that statement.) Not once have we felt as if we were being belittled because we were not “million-dollar clients”. On the contrary, Debbie and Jessica have treated our modest seven-room home in Midtown Tulsa as if it were a 27-room mansion! They’ve made it quite clear that even the “working man” can obtain and experience superb Interior Design at an affordable rate. My wife and I absolutely love the way that our cherished family treasures have been incorporated into the overall design. The attention to detail that each room has been given, the engaging visual surprises that seem to pop-up out from around every corner and the way the design of one room compliments the designs of all the other rooms is really something to behold. Zoller Designs and Antiques have breathed a new life into our “little old house” and have made one of our dreams become a reality. YES! Our home has turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Working with Debbie and her staff has simply been an amazing experience, which has left us awestruck! Their artistic sparkle has truly shined upon us and we can only give them the highest of recommendations.”

Robert Krumme, President
Sooner Southwest Bankshares, Inc.
“Our company recently purchased a well-built private office building in an ideal location. The interiror, however, was well-worn 2970’s decor. We hired Zoller Designs to help us overcome this problem. Debbie Zoller’s proposed renovation addressed our space needs, while creating a look that fit our particular taste. With her firm accepting total responsibility for design, material orders, construction supervision, and accessorizing, we continued to run our business, rather than tackle the business of renovation. Zoller incorporated a number of nice touches to our nrrew home: custom-designed wrought iron replaced a wooden 2″ x 4″ stair/second floor walkway railing; wood paneling and matching plantation shutters were integrated into the master office; a versatile media unit was built into our Conference Room; a durable, rich, engineered-wood floor was installed throughout, as well as granite countertops, fixtures, furniture and accessories. Visitors to our office often remark about our beautiful facility. We are very appreciative of Zoller Design’s role in achieving it.”
Susan Williams

“Working with Debbie Zoller is always a wonderful experience. She listens to my ideas and develops them into something much more amazing than I ever imagined. I met Debbie three years ago at her store on Cherry Street while searching for the perfect end table for my living room. I had been looking for a long time and wanted something different. When I walked into Zoller Designs and Antiques, I found exactly what I was looking for and much more. Debbie had a variety of unique furniture, antiques and unusual accessories creatively arranged throughout the store. Her shop was warm and fun. It reflected the personality of an artistically talented designer who pays attention to detail, has a whimsical sense of humor and is an expert at utilizing space. Since then, Debbie has helped me with the interior design of several rooms in my home and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She helps me make smart design decisions which save me time and money and her selections reflect my personal taste and style – always comfortable and elegant, not pretentious or overdone. I highly recommend Debbie and her staff at Zoller Designs and Antiques. They are gifted professionals who work hard to make your home the home of your dreams!”